Writing a Sequel

Katie Lennox, the teen star of my first book has been very busy. The problem is, I’m the only one who knows this. She’s back to the future. Well, back to the present time that is. Before I even finished RIPPED, I knew where Katie was headed. Of course her love of history and literature, and curiosity of the world in general, would lead her to University. Oxford most likely.

She and Toby made a connection in RIPPED, or at least she felt they did. Does Toby feel something for Katie too? I am working this all out as I write the sequel. In many ways this book is going more quickly than RIPPED did, but still I’m cutting and moving things around and rewriting again and again. I love to write, but it is never fast for me.

I am still doing author events for RIPPED. We launched the book in London at the end of September with a wonderful gala at the Tower of London. And some enterprising schools in the greater Boston area are holding fundraisers at Barnes and Noble stores in November and December. A portion of the proceeds from the sales of RIPPED will go to their school. I’m excited to meet these students and answer questions. This is always the fun part, interacting with people who love books. Wonder how other writers work on their new books, while still promoting their previous ones. I know I am lucky to have such problems.

Will try and jot a note more often. AND will push to finish this next book.


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